Being a Dynamic Kid means learning English in a comprehensive way. Our programmes produce English learners with a solid foundation in grammar, phonics, comprehension, fluency, writing and critical thinking. A Dynamic education prepares them for today and for the future.

Dynamic Kids Departments


For parents, they are not only interested in seeing their child develop their English skills but also see them transition well from home to school.


Our students learn through discovery play while exploring a modern classroom purposefully designed with our young learners in mind.


At Dynamic Kids, we believe happy, secure students, integrate and apply learning more quickly and effectively. Our programmes provide such an environment.

Upper Primary

Our upper primary courses engage our more independent learners while continuing to refine grammar and writing skills, Our students develop strong vocabulary and comprehension skills.


Skilled, native-speaker teachers challenge our Secondary learners to be English speakers who speak, read, and write with purpose. Help your teen discover their window to the world of opportunity.

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